First Choose an outer jacket

Men- J900 Port Authority 

Women- L900 Port Authority 


Next Choose an inner jacket that will zip and snap into the outer jacket


  • J903 Port Authority ® Collective Insulated Vest
  • J901Port Authority ® Collective Soft Shell Jacket
  • F905 Port Authority® Collective Striated Fleece Jacket
  • J902 Port Authority ® Collective Insulated Jacket
  • F904 Port Authority ® Collective Smooth Fleece Jacket



  • L903 Port Authority ® Ladies Collective Insulated Vest
  • L901 Port Authority ® Ladies Collective Soft Shell Jacket
  • L905 Port Authority® Ladies Collective Striated Fleece Jacket
  • L902 Port Authority ® Ladies Collective Insulated Jacket
  • L904 Port Authority ® Ladies Collective Smooth Fleece Jacket


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